The World's Largest Building, Artificial Sun Comes! - China, not just in the number of population, territory, also in all respects. Including property development. This country has just opened the world's grandest mega project titled The New Century Global Center incorporating artificial sun!
This giant property located in Chengdu, Sichuan province, just across the Chengdu Contemporary Art Center. The building area reaches 19 million square feet (6.096 million square meters) and represented to the length of about 500 meters, 400 meters wide and has a height of 100 meters. Dimensions of the building, almost 20 times larger than the Sydney Opera House and three times that of the Pentagon headquarters, United States.
The New Century Global Center summarizes several property types in it, the shopping center, which is designed in the style Mediterranean region, water park, ice skating rink, and a couple of hotels and accommodation facilities.
Not only big in size, the building also offers attractive visualization of the architectural as well as aesthetic. Imagine, The New Century Global Center is the result of the work of Iraqi-British architect most famous today, Zaha Hadid.
Other works such as Hadid Abu Dhabi Art and London Aquatic Center, a multipurpose building is also very futuristic. He was loaded with glass panels on most buildings. The glass panel serves as a medium light sources during the day.
Local authorities claim, The New Century Global Centre is building a stand-alone (stand alone) in the world, and it takes 3 years to complete its construction.
"This is a sea city built by man," said Liu Xun China was quoted as saying by AFP.
Moreover, the entire complex of buildings will be equipped with artificial sun (artificially). Constructed artificial sun inside the building will provide light and heat 24 hours a day for visitors to explore the boutiques and shops with a total building area of ​​around 400,000 square meters.