Royal Baby - The Birth Of Baby Kate Middleton Were Considered Upsetting World

Mas Aal - Childbirth Kate Middleton and Prince William on Monday (22/7) was greeted with great fanfare. But beyond that, the birth of the baby turned out to be disappointing. Why?

It turns out this is related to the sex of the baby. Bit of a disappointment had appeared in the minds of many people today know that the third heir to the British throne was born a man.

  The presence of HRH The Prince of Cambridge in the end failed to mark the end of the dominance of men in the British Empire. Until now, there has not been a baby in the royal family since birth already have the right as a queen.

Since long, the heir to the throne should be a policy that men are already implemented in the UK and the Commonwealth. But in fact, the baby she failed to be a marker of this policy.

Queen Elizabeth was the person who was initially expected to rule England. When his uncle chose to release the throne in pursuit of love, the throne fell into the hands of his brother, King George. When King George died, her first child, Elizabeth, who has the right to continue the throne.