Five Free iOS applications for Ramadhan

KOMPAS - Ramadan greeting back. Muslims around the world are competing to execute deeds to gain as much reward.

In modern times, as now, the religious charities can be made more smoothly with the support of gadgets and applications tailor-made for religious-themed Ramadan or Islam in general.

Applications that did not have to pay. Many popular titles Islami which can be obtained for free from a variety of platforms, from Android to Windows Phone. iOS was no exception.

Well, here is a list of five popular applications on the iPhone and iPad platforms, as compiled by Tech in Asia. Some of them can also be obtained on the Android platform via the Google Play app store.

1. Ainun
Indonesia brainchild of developer Weirdsgn and Dihardja Software Solutions, in Arabic, "Ainun" means eye. This application provides a means to enrich the photo sharing and image catches with 10 kinds of filters.

There is also the option to decorate photos with breathing Islamic calligraphy and 60 kinds of inspirational quotes that can be used for 10 types of moments. Ainun has integration with major social networks, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Path, and Google +.

Ainun can be obtained at the App Store app store and will soon be available on the Android platform through Google Play.

2. InstaDeen
One more means of sharing photos to iOS device users. InstaDeen created by developers Malaysia Adiman Muhammad and provide ornaments to decorate the image in the form of quotes verses of the Qur'an, prayer time, hadith, and many more.

Such Ainun tangging InstaDeen also supports location-based as well as integration with Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Lite version of InstaDeen can be obtained for free from the App Store.

3. Muslim Pro Azan, Quran, Qibla
As the name implies, Muslim Pro, developed by Singapore Pte Ltd Bitsmedia offer features such as prayer times according to the user's location, call the adhan, qibla locator compass in the form of animation, and Al Quran in audio form is translated into 15 languages ​​(audio and translation is only available for paid version).

There is also a facility map to the halal restaurants and mosques around the user, the Islamic calendar contains predictions of major holidays, as well as the 99 Names of God. IOS users can download Muslim Pro in the App Store. This application is also available for Android users via Google Play.

4. Ramadan Tracker
An application that aims to help new Muslims or Muslims who do not know what to do during Ramadan. Ramadan Tracker helps users to schedule and meet targets, such as the five daily prayers, fasting, reading the Quran, and so on.

Points are awarded for each target is met. Interested? Application is made in Catalunya Trade Impex can be downloaded through the App Store.

5. Ramadan 2013
After launching the Ramadan 2012 years ago, application developers Boukhatem Judge released his successors, Ramadan 2013, which can be downloaded in the App Store and Google Play.

Ramadan 2013 detects the location of the user (can be done automatically or manually), and then display the prayer time five times a day. This application is able showed prayer time in more than 251 countries making it very practical for Muslims who are on the go.

There are also prayers in Arabic with translation following pronunciation guide, 99 names of Allah, as well as a guide on Ramadan.