Egypt The Heat, 5 Killed

CAIRO - Egypt protests anti-government increasingly hot. Massa reportedly attacked the headquarters of the Muslim Brotherhood which controls the current Egyptian government.

Protesters picketed the headquarters of the Muslim Brotherhood and their tuntuntan voice to the government. What is required is the same, they want President Mohamed Morsi to resign from office.

The demonstrations took place summer after protesters pelted Muslim Brotherhood offices with stones and Molotov cocktails. In the end, the incident sparked clashes.

Egyptians took to the streets in almost all regions of the country. Their numbers grew, and urged President Morsi to step down from power. They assessed the Government failed to carry Morsi Egypt facing economic crisis.

"Egyptians are tired of a president who failed to cope with the economic crisis. Underneath the security situation continues to decline, including increasing cases of murder and sexual violence," said CBS News Correspondent, Monday (07/01/2013).

At least five people have been reported killed in the unrest. Most of the dead were victims of riots and shootings that occurred in southern Egypt.

While President Morsi insisted he would not resign from office. While Morsi supporters vow not to let the protesters to do whatever they wish. Tens of thousands of supporters Morsi did not miss a counter protest not far from the presidential palace.

It is feared that the two opposing sides, the pros and cons Morsi, can heat clashed with each other. But the pro-Morsi said they would conduct a peaceful protest and did not prepare for violence.