6 Tips to Secure Children from Internet Crime

Author: Merry Magdalena *

KOMPAS.com - Fraud on Facebook, kidnapping teenager by a Facebook friend, even rape, and murder, it was so "normal" that we hear in the news. Really Technology cruel?

No, technology is never cruel. The culprit was a sadistic man, would do anything for the purpose. And the victim who is too careless, entrusting all the technology.

Probably a result of Indonesian children are rarely ordered; "Do not talk to strangers". Parents here have tended to notice, "Ramahlah on others." Is it true?

Whatever it is, the children and adolescents shall be equipped with knowledge that the internet is a virtual wilderness that its not all good people. Criminal cases in the earlier example. And it's not a big city dominance. Even the murder of two women by a "friend" on Facebook just happens Bukittinggi, West Sumatra.

How to teach children and adolescents to maintain privacy in cyberspace?
  1. Tell them about criminal cases arising triggered "friend" Facebook, or "friend" on another internet. Enough googling it, you will find it.
  2. Not easy to believe the message to "friend" in the virtual world, as well as any he. Precisely the better, the more feasible suspected.
  3. Do not share personal information such as home phone numbers, cell phone numbers, home address, school address, account number, or all of which allow "friends" cyberspace trace our children
  4. Emphasize how sharing personal photos, especially that in vulgar poses, would be detrimental to the child later in life. Even minors can be the object of the pedophile.
  5. Message warned-warned how dangerous encounter "friend" virtual world in the real world, despite any or as powerful as any seduction. Revived the stories of crime by "friends" virtual world has ever seen.
  6. Good communication, open, between children and parents remain the primary key. The majority of children or teenagers who easily believe the "friend" is a virtual world that they feel less noticed by the parents.

Six step briefly above is easy to do, but if practiced, would be a lot of challenges. Because the child or adolescent is not an easy darts with us sasarkan to the target.

Like Kahlil Gibran said, your son is not yours. They've got soul, body, and the world itself. However, with love, all things are difficult is not impossible. Moreover, it is definitely the parents do not want their children to be victims of crime "friend" cyberspace.

* About the Author: Merry Magdalena, social media analyst, founder Netsains.Net, author of Not Just a Site for Ngibul Gaul (Scholastic Press), Protecting Children from Sex-Free (Grasindo), UU ITE, directions Kit N Kitchen The Next Victim (Scholastic Main Library), and four other books.