WhatsApp Lead Chat Application with 250 Million Users

(Okezone.com) NEW YORK - WhatsApp menghiptonis reportedly more than 250 million active users. Numbers are clearly very fantastic, so take it ranks terwahid beat Skype and Facebook Messenger, as reported in the Wall Street Journal.

Skype video chat service from Microsoft that has been there since six years before WhatsApp, the latest reported having 280 million monthly active users. Meanwhile, Facebook Messenger does not want to divulge the number of active users.

Nevertheless, it is certain to be the position WhatsApp premium apps in the iTunes Top United States (U.S.). In response to this, WhatsApp January Koum CEO stated that his chat application already has more users than Twitter is reportedly visited by over 200 million people every day.

Adapted Digital Spy, Friday (21/06/2013), this chat application announced that they were dealing with 27 billion messages within 24 hours of each day.