Week, 1,500 Britons So Property Millionaire

SURREY - Region Virginia Water in Surrey, England had turned into millionaires environment. How could I not? House prices in the area average of 1 million pounds or the equivalent of 15 billion per unit (Rp15.125 per pounds).

Some names known celebrities, such as Sir Bruce Forsyth, Sir Cliff Richard, Duchess of York, to Elton John are part of a community of citizens in this area. With property prices rising by six per cent in the UK has made more than 1,500 people in Virginia Water is indirectly being 'bestatus' property millionaires.

As reported by the Daily Mail, Friday (28/06/2013), the growth of property prices in the UK in 2013 was the fastest for more than three years later. Properties in various research reports, Surrey became the city with the most expensive property prices in the UK after London.

In general, in the UK alone have increased approximately 78 thousand homes are worth more than 1 million pounds in the last 12 months. Currently, there are approximately 325 thousand homes in the Queen Elizabeth which prices have increased 80 percent in the last four years.

"In London, when you are talking about the primary areas that actually, there are many foreign buyers who come to invest. They see it as a haven properties. But, still there are other places like Virginia Water in Surrey which is not less prosperous as well," said housing economist at Halifax Bank, Martin Ellis.