Sony Ready So Smartwatch Trends Opener

( Jakarta - Not widely with Apple iWatch, the opening segment is likely to be done Sony smartwatch. The Japanese manufacturer will showcase smartwatch garapannya reported this week.

Allegedly Sony will utilize the Mobile Asia Expo event held in Shanghai, China to announce the presence of the besutannya smart watches.

Although it was not clear how many versions will be lifted, but Sony almost certainly rely on the Android operating system in it.

Known, it would have the ability smartwatch like checking email, accessing social media to play music would be the advantages it has.

Unfortunately not much is known in the specification of what it has, but that Sony certainly rely on the type of OLED display diusungnya.

As for the price, as quoted from NDTV, Monday (24/06/2013), predicted Sony would membanderolnya in the range of USD 106 or about $ 1 million.