Become Ambassador Mangrove, Ronaldo Not Paid For Environmental Sustainability - When Cristiano Ronaldo was announced as Ambassador Bali Mangrove, perhaps many who wonder how he got over his role. Now Ronaldo replied: Not a dime.

Appointment of a top footballer the world to be ambassadors of this-it or advertisement of a product, is a common thing happening. Typically also, it takes varying costs.

However, there are times when not. Mangrove role as Ambassador Ronaldo Bali, for example, which he called as concern for the environment.

Then the owner's request Artha Graha Cares Foundation, Tommy Winata, to be Ambassador to the preservation of mangroves in the area Telaga Waja, Benoa, Bali, Ronaldo was immediately welcomed.

"I do not get paid a dime into the Mangrove ambassador. I do everything for the sake of environmental conservation Mangroves in Bali. Hopefully this will be a success in the future," said Ronaldo in a press conference at the Discovery Kartika Plaza Hotel, Wednesday (06/26/2013 ) night PST.

The press conference itself was originally scheduled to take place during the day. Postponed several times, the show finally started at 19.30 pm. There was no question and answer session in the session.