HTC Gold Plated Priced USD 3,200

( Jakarta - HTC faces made to look more stylish. No half-hearted, the phone is so much shiny gold coated. The price also soared to Rp 30 million.

HTC One gold plated made ​​by Goldgenie, and not the first time a British vendor that makes gold-plated mobile phone. Previously they had done the same thing to the Galaxy S4, iPhone 5, and BlackBerry Q10.

HTC smartphone that they were peddling an unlocked version with 32 GB of memory. Metal body of the phone is plated with 24 carat gold making it look luxurious.

Penjulannya package was not unusual. Users will receive a limited edition box Cherry Oak in which there is, gold certificates, cables USD, and the Beats Audio earphones.

As quoted from Android Community, Tuesday (06/25/2013), users who want to have a gold-plated mobile phone was also apparently have to wait for 21 days if you want to get it. Therefore, Goldgenie only makes the product to order.

There are three HTC One 24-karat gold-plated made ​​Goldgenie. The first version or the most 'cheap' valued USD 2,900, while the rose gold version priced at USD 3,082. While the most expensive is the platinum version at a price of USD 3,200.

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