Google Fly Five Air Balloon Internet Service Providers

( CALIFORNIA - The search engine giant, Google releases a giant blimp stratosphere to Earth with the goal of providing internet access service to all over the world. Balloon shaped like a jellyfish in order to 'Project Loon' is released in New Zealand today.

Although still in the experimental stage, balloons developed in Google's X laboratory rolled into the internet stratosphere to bridge the gap between the 4.8 billion people in the world. Thus quoted by the Telegraph, Saturday (06/15/2013).

"Currently, as many as two-thirds of the world's population or approximately 4.8 billion people do not have internet connection. Especially, those living in remote areas of New Zealand. Therefore, we were inspired to launch this Loon Project to help connect to each other with an internet connection, "said founder Richard DeVaul Loon Project.

If successful, this technology will allow between countries "leapfrog" the cost of fiber cabling. Thus, may increase the use of internet in various parts of the world that may have been difficult to reach such as in parts of Africa and Southeast Asia.

As stated by the Loon Project, Mike Cassidy balloons are released allows the people who are on the ground utilizing the internet connection from the sky.

"To be able to use the services of these loons, they only need a small antenna about the size of a softball on the side of his house. Then they simply connect their computer or PC to the antenna, then connect to the net from the sky, "said Cassidy.

Google is the air balloon freely follow where the wind took it for four hours in a day. Later, ground stations within 60 miles of the hot air balloon will give the signal.

Signal received by the balloon will be transmitted to the other five balloons have been launched. Furthermore, each balloon will provide internet service facilities which can include areas up to approximately 780 square miles.

Google itself does not want to talk about the huge costs incurred for this project, though the news that they are trying to produce outstanding internet services via air balloon is as cheap as possible.