Finally, Sony Showcase PlayStation 4, Jakarta - After controller only limited release, Sony finally showed off the full engine whiz their game consoles, PlayStation 4.

Surprisingly, unlike the launch of the product in general, is actually the fourth generation PlayStation Sony Andrew House officials indicated without fanfare.

Inquired have inquired, apparently House bringing the game console instead of the official launch of PlayStation 4, but at the E3 press conference held in Los Angeles, United States.

"We (Sony) sure gamers can not wait to find out the actual design of the PlayStation 4," said House, shortly before the show on stage PlayStation 4 E3 press conference.

"PlayStation 4 has a design will look shiny and attractive to be placed anywhere," he added as quoted from Wired, Tuesday (06/11/2013).

Unfortunately, not much can be revealed from the game console. Because after a few minutes, the boss of Sony's actions in the E3 stage presentation was replaced by other E3 attendees.

Although the moment, you can bet PS4 has elongated diamond shape when viewed from the side. Meanwhile, when viewed from above, the PS4 has a wide cross-section design like the PS2, but with a slightly larger size.