BlackBerry Will Die?

SAN FRANCISCO - Many people who suspect the rumors about the presence of BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) in Android and iOS devices in the near future will turn off the BlackBerry prestige. Dismissed this news as if, in the near future ready company reported revenue globally.

As a marker of BlackBerry sales rise - formerly Research In Motion (RIM) - which is increasingly rumored lethargic, last month finally officially released the BlackBerry 10 smartphones based on the Q10 in the United States (U.S.). Handset with a glamorous appearance with a cast this precious metal carries features a touch screen and QWERTY keyboard.

"This is a further step in the right direction for the BlackBerry as a good bait sales. Not only that, this smartphone also be something that has been long awaited by BlackBerry users around the world, "said IDC analyst Ramon Llamas, as quoted by USA Today, Friday (06/28/2013).

BlackBerry Q10 comes after it was issued Z10. However, a broker at Pacific Crest said that sales Z10 in the UK and Canada has declined shortly after the inaugural launch.

By overhauling the look with a touch screen BlackBerry attempt to re-gripped the market that is now dominated by Samsung and Apple. As a result, the BlackBerry has reached 7.7 million smartphone sales in the second quarter (May 2013).

In comparison, the Canadian handset only managed to sell 6 million products in the first quarter, as the results of a survey conducted by Bloomberg.