Against the Netherlands, Garuda Costume Wear Away

( JAKARTA - In Indonesia the Dutch counter tomorrow's match, the public will see little difference with the previous matches. Yes, the Red and White team will use their second costume white green.

It is delivered by the Indonesian national team manager, Rudy maswi. He deeply regrets the fact this happened. Because, Indonesia as the host actually had to use the costumes away.

In addition, Rudy also explained this could happen due to an agreement between the organizers, and the KNVB NineSport unknown to Indonesia.

Rated Rudy, miss communication has included breaking FIFA rules, plus this afternoon the Dutch national team did not attend the press conference.

"The problem is the fault promoter costumes. Just explain, no hidden agreements promoter of the PSSI," Rudy said in a hard tone at a press conference in Senayan, Thursday (06/07/2013) afternoon.

"There are two agreements are not we (team) know. Firstly costume problems and absenteeism Dutch coaches and players at a press conference today," he continued