2100, World Population Will Reach 11 Billion People

(Detik.com) TEHRAN - In a statistical analysis of the latest report issued by the United Nations (UN) on 13 June, it was revealed that at the end of the next century, the world population will reach nearly 11 billion people.

This number increased from the previous estimate of 10.1 billion people. The rise is due to fertility rates in Africa are increasingly declining.

While an increasing number of people in the country are happening faster than UN predictions. In which the world organization originally estimated birth rate in the black continent will decline over time.

"The decline in fertility rates in Africa occurred earlier than we had previously forecast. As a result, the population in Africa is increasing, "said professor of statistics and sociology from the University of Washington, Adrian Raftery, as reported from Farsnews, Saturday (06/15/2013).

Population spike in one of the world's largest continent is thought to exacerbate environmental problems. Not only that, this problem will also cause overcrowding at the root of other problems.

At present themselves African population has reached 1.1 billion people. The UN estimates that there will be increased by four-fold, or approximately 4.2 billion in 2100.

Known changes in fertility rates in Africa have occurred since the last two years. Raftery revealed the presence of global issues such as poverty and climate change linked to an increase in population changes in the world, including in Africa.

"These new findings suggest that we need to renew the policy, such as increasing understanding of the importance of family planning and expand access to education for girls. It is intended to reduce population growth in Africa, "he added.