2015, OS Apple Destroy Windows

(Okezone.com) CALIFORNIA - Analyst Gartner predicts that the operating system (OS) such as the Apple Mac and iOS will outperform products that run with Windows OS. Gartner predicts Apple OS would be a winner in the next few years.

Reported by Computerworld, Tuesday (25/06/2013), the popularity of tablets and smartphones appears to push Apple. However, Android OS-based devices will also continue its dominance in the market.

Dominate device sales in the market can not be obtained in a short time. Apple's successes have been achieved in 13 years after Steve Jobs returned Apple to develop, launch the iPod and set a new path to see the opportunities and define new markets.

At that time, Steve Jobs started with music player products and continue its expansion in mobile phone devices and tablet computers. Last year, delivery of products that run on Windows beat Apple products such as Mac OS and iOS platforms.

According to Gartner estimates, delivery device with Windows OS in 2014 will decline and will likely surpass Apple OS Windows until 2015. It is such as expressed Carolina Milanesi, research vice president at Gartner.

"When you break down the numbers, Apple is leading the consumer market. They sell more than Windows these days," said Milanesi.

According to him, the OS made ​​by software giant Microsoft will still prevail among the blessings that come from enterprise users as well as professionals. Gartner also revealed that the Android device shipments will increase by more than one billion in 2014.