Safety Tips Camping in Wilderness

CAMPING is a fun activity to do with family. If you plan to spend the weekend with camping in the wild, it's good to see some tips.

Here are tips for safely camped in the open, as reviewed Alltraveltips:

Make a tent before dark
It's good, you start the trip when it was still early. This will affect the time of installation of tents, it would be better if you have finished installing tents before nightfall. Dark days will be difficult for you because of the lack of lighting.

Check around the tent
Make sure the ground where you are setting up camp in a safe contour with a smaller potential for rain. Keep sharp objects, branches, large ants, poison, insects, and dangerous area of ​​your tent.

Make a bonfire
Make a bonfire in a safe area. Bonfires and related tools should be placed far enough away from the tent to prevent the fire spreading to other areas and cause heartburn. Restricting the rock is one way that is ideal for preventing the spread of fire.

Watch out for wildlife
Use a flashlight at night to help your lighting laneways. In addition, the flashlight serves to dispel the wildlife to stay away from you. Avoid insect stings by using light-colored clothes and do not use a deodorant that stings. Do not leave your cooking utensils and eating in the open air.

Watchful poisonous plants
As much as possible multiply the knowledge of wild plants that you might encounter. Be careful to touch it, lest you get caught making hoax in trouble.

Be careful to drink water
Do not drink water directly from rivers or springs that you find. Although you get the river water looks clean and clear as possible boil until boiling. This is done because the water is likely to contain parasites and microorganisms that can cause discomfort or serious illness.

Happy camping, Enjoy the cool air and the tranquility in the wild before you get back into the routine!