Intel Design Show Desktop Similar Tablet

CALIFORNIA - Intel reveals its vision for the future in the event the Intel Developer Forum (IDF) 2012 on Tuesday. That vision is a desktop computer with a display in the form of tablets.

Reported by TechRadar, Wednesday (12/09/2012), computer type All-in-One (AiO) has a 20-inch portable screen. Users can attach at various base (base) and keyboard.

Head of Intel's PC Client Business, Krik Skaugen said that the screen will have the intelligence and the battery itself, so it does not need a stand or base to operate. In addition, this device will be powered by Windows 8 operating system.

He also revealed that the concept of a computer called "desktap" will be available to consumers in the fall of this year. One type is present AiO first is the Sony Vaio Tap 20.

Computer AiO been popularly used because it takes up little space and has components and less wiring than traditional desktops.

However, until now this kind of computer tends to be more stasisioner. With the advent of portable devices like the iPad are blurring the line between desktop and mobile computing, according to Skaugen, natural that started to emerge a powerful desktop computer that can be carried.

"The boundary line between each category increasingly disappearing," he concluded.