Granero: No Word Longing to Madrid

LONDON - Queens Park Rangers new player (QPR), Esteban Granero, admitted he regretted his decision to leave Real Madrid and move to Loftus Road. In fact, he never missed the club has defended it since childhood.

"It's not hard to decide to move here (QPR). Real Madrid are a great club and I've played there from the age of eight. I have also spent several years in the first team and I am grateful for that, "said Granero, as reported by Inside-Football, Wednesday (09/12/2012).

"However, it is time to change and this is the best way to join QPR. Since, two weeks ago, my immediate focus to this club and never miss anything about Real Madrid, "he continued.

Granero OPR brought from Madrid on Aug. 30, claiming that the move because he has a better chance of playing. He also said it will take time to bring victory QPR in the Premier League.

"I want to be part of the QPR and believe that this project here is good for me and also for the club. All parties in this club believes in me and that's what I need. Therefore, I realize that I made the right decision, "he said.

"There is ample of new players here and we have to know each other first. One point from three games is quite unexpected, however, I believe this will change. This season will be great, because a lot of quality players here, so give us time, "he continued.