Myanmar: We're Not Recognize the Rohingya as citizens

Naypyidaw - Myanmar Government asserted that the Muslim Rohingya ethnic minority, Myanmar will not get citizenship. Nevertheless, thousands of Rohingya in Arakan there are hundreds of years ago.

"They are not part of our 130 ethnic groups," said Minister of Frontier Affairs of Myanmar Thein Htay, as quoted by DPA, Tuesday (07/31/2012).

Previously President of Myanmar Thein Sein also can not accept Rohingya people as citizens. Thein Sein was not advocating deportation for citizens of that state.

"It is impossible to accept the Rohingya people who are illegal immigrants," said Thein Sein.

When the incident occurred in the communal conflict that killed 80 people Arakan, Myanmar officers arrested three people for the UN refugee agency (UNHCR). Third UNHCR officer was allegedly involved in incidents of unrest.

During this time, Thein Sein also advised UNHCR to put the Rohingya people in Myanmar or forming outside the camp for them. And it comes just as the UN envoy to Myanmar, the Myanmar government denies the massacre was hard.

Myanmar government also claimed that the violence in the state of Arakan was politicized. The incident was not related to religious discrimination.

Since 1982 ago, the Government of Myanmar began a classification of ethnicity and looked at 750 thousand people in Arakan Rohingya as an ethnic Bengali Muslims. They were tortured and discriminated against.

Rohingya name was taken from Arabic, Rahma, meaning mercy. According to estimates, approximately 30 thousand Rohingya people living in UNHCR camps in Bangladesh. They fled from the country when inter-religious conflict took place.