Want to Cheap Travel to China? Wear Mini Skirt Only!

VISITING China now no need to drain your wallet thick. Simply wear a mini skirt and dreams of visiting the State ginseng was achieved.

Playground Guilin Merryland is located 62 kilometers northwest of Guilin City in south China, has just launched a summer campaign. This campaign invites women to show visitors their feminine beauty.

The campaign which lasted for two months these discount purchase half-price admission for visitors woman wearing a dress with a maximum length of 38 centimeters. Later, there will be staff from this playground that measures the skirts of the visitors who want to get the discount.

Normal price of admission this is a playground for Rp163 thousand. As for women who wear mini skirts, they can get special prices, which amounted to Rp81 thousand or equal to the price of admission is applied for visitors with disabilities, the elderly, and infants.

At 21 and July 22, 2012, this playground will provide even greater discounts on female visitors who come before noon. This lady visitors only have to pay entrance fee of Rp14 thousand.

Guilin playground aims to break the world record by attracting more than 10 thousand women in a miniskirt to this playground.

According to the Playground Manager Guilin Li Wenxing, this campaign has been conducted annually since 2007. "We had heard many negative comments about this campaign, but every year a negative comment like that less and less," Li said, as quoted by CNNGo, Wednesday (07/18/2012).

The campaign was not in vain because it managed to pick up what they are targeting. China local media reported long lines of women with short skirts at the door of the playground is waiting to enter.