Metaloka, New Method of Learning Physics and Chemistry

JAKARTA - In addition to mathematics, natural science courses (IPA) as physics and chemistry is also a scourge of many students. The fear was also made many reluctant students studying these two subjects.

A group of students at the University of Gadjah Mada (UGM) was moved to change the specter that the physics and chemistry is difficult. Erna Setianingsih, Dawi Karomati Barorah, Rosalia Mindarti Diah, Ida Lutfiani Khansa Afifah and Fida, he had the idea Metaloka as an alternative method of teaching physics and chemistry for students in grade three to six elementary schools.

Erna, the team leader said, Metaloka stands for Technology Lovers All Around Us. Students majoring in Industrial Engineering, Faculty of Engineering explains, Metaloka is running an innovative laboratory.

"This is an attempt Metaloka UGM engineering students who are open to introduce service learning easy chemistry and physics for elementary school children," Erna said, as quoted by the site of UGM, Thursday (26/07/2012).

Erna tells, Metaloka application requires multiple tools, including kid inventors, the inflatable balloon without a pump, nails, batteries, and wires. Such tools are used in accordance with the lessons to be learned.

Inventor kid itself is a tool to introduce physics to develop a simple electrical circuit. Meanwhile, the inflatable balloon without a pump is a device for introducing chemistry, namely by inflating a balloon with baking soda and citric acid using a bottle. In addition, the lesson is not about to miss the electromagnetic world. Familiarity with a nail through the media, batteries and wire.

"Most of the tools we have created yourself, and we adjust to the needs of elementary school curriculum," said Erna added.

Rosalia Diah Mindarti admitted Metaloka effort was launched because of the difficulties that often look toward elementary school children in learning Physics and Chemistry. He give smth. Extra, Metaloka has established a year ago.

"With the tagline to help children master the science and technology, Metaloka trying to learn two methods to facilitate this," said engineering student of this industry.

Fifth claim, the development of this method will continue to be made. "We will present new tools, namely robotics, rocket water, and solar cell as a practical tool for the future," said Rosalia.

Metaloka itself included in the National Student Science Week (Pimnas) to-XXV in Yogyakarta Muhammadiyah University (UMY). The annual helatan, Metaloka successfully won a silver medal in the category of Entrepreneurship Student Creativity Program (PKMK). The success of the team won the award that is not independent Metaloka the guidance of Dr. Herianto, ST., M.Eng.