Khan Seize Back Belt Champion

LAS VEGAS - Amir Khan could breathe easily. Because the title of his who had lost again been won by Khan.

Yes, boxer born in Bolton, England should lose two WBA and IBF champion title after being defeated by Lamont Peterson in a fight at Washington, December.

Khan, who performed very well in the fight, did not accept the defeat. She questioned the judge's decision. However, Peterson later tested positive for synthetic testosterone use, similar doping drugs.

Golden Boy Promotion CEO Richard Schaefer has informed, Khan was given the title champion. Thus, the Khan will fight as a champion when it comes to Garcia, WBC belt holder.

"Justice has been upheld. I am very pleased to have appointed me as the WBA champion again. That is, I wade through this fight as a championship, "said Khan, told reporters on Sky Sports reported on Thursday (7/12/2012).

"There is a chance to win the WBC championship belt, but not only that. Ring magazine titles are also being contested. This fight will show who the best fighter in the 140 class, "due diligence.