July 9, 2012, "Internet Doomsday 'Will Hit the World?

WASHINGTON - Threats to the continuity of internet access throughout the world rumored to be arriving on July 9, 2012. Mention of that date is the day "internet doomsday", due to act of malware called DNSChanger Trojan.

Reported by the Examiner, Wednesday (07/04/2012), the malware is causing the user can not access the Internet via the personal computer. DNSChaner will infect Windows PC operating system, Mac and routers around the world.

Although this seems a new rumor, but this could be exploited by hackers to hijack a victim's Web traffic. Then, hackers can change the route to their sites for nefarious purposes.

After the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) in "Operation Ghost Click" catch hackers in November last year, the FBI set up a temporary server to keep the computer is infected with a Trojan for a while. Thus, users can clean it up. They decided July 9, 2012 is the time to disable the server.

Through F-Secure site explains, DNSChanger is a Trojan that changes the Domain Name Server (DNS) on the infected system. Trojan is able to divert Internet traffic to the site of unwanted and potentially illegal.

Trojans typically have a small size, approximately 1.5 kilobytes. Designed to change the Registry Key value in the 'nameserver' to a custom IP address. IP address is usually encrypted in the body of the Trojan. As a result of these changes, will contact the victim's computer with the new DNS server.