Betting on Twitter, Wilshere reprimanded UEFA

LONDON - It is unfortunate that the fate of Jack Wilshere should be reprimanded by the UEFA. Warning that he could not because of his actions in the field, but he was found guilty of betting on his personal Twitter account,

Arsenal midfielder is available to bet with teammate candidate, Emmanuel Frimpong. Wilshere will bet that Frimpong scored Arsenal meet Olympiacos in the Champions League.

  "I'll get 10 pounds (of any goals scored by Frimpong)," wrote @ jack_wilshere Wilshere in account.

It turned in a match that took place in December last year it Frimmy - Frimpong close calls close to scoring. "Frimmy almost made ​​me get some money here!" he wrote back, as reported by Football365 on Tuesday (7/10/2012.

See that done by the player who is often the injury, immediately took action because UEFA deemed to have violated the rules. Because the UEFA ban players bet on his own team.

Luckily after a seven-month investigation, the UEFA only gives a warning to him. "Players have been given a reprimand. Rules must still be established by the birth of the integrity of the game and competition," UEFA said in a statement.

Over the reprimand he got back to singing and Wilshere said that the bet is a lie. "I do not really make a bet in the game. I know that we are forbidden to do that and I was only joking, "he wrote in his account which has now been deactivated.