At 23:01 WIB Today, Hundreds of Thousands Computer Will "Paralyzed"

JAKARTA - DNSChanger, malware name of this one could be the fruit of lips that impact on the termination of internet networks around the world, not least in Indonesia. According to the Chairman of Indonesia Information Technology Federation (FTII), Sylvia W. Sumarlin said at 23:01 pm this evening there will be an internet server that will be turned off.

"That warning from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), tonight at 23:01 pm, the FBI will do the shutdown of the numbers (Internet DNS) is infected. Result will be looping, ie unable to access certain of numbers, so the computer does not will serve (can not access the internet domain), "Sylvia said to Okezone in Jakarta, Monday (07/09/2012).

He explained that it is malware DNSChanger which change the address to a different domain, which is done by the malware. "This incident scene in 2006, because it has infected 4 million computers around the world," he said.

"The FBI stepped in to make an antidote (antidote). Caught six people (involved in the manufacture or distribution) in 2011. FBI to recover it by shutting down the server (shutdown), so as not to spread," he said.
According to him, certain operating systems to be dwelling places for malware, such as Windows and Mac. While the phone will not be affected, because the device is dependent of the service provider of telecommunications services.

"Windows and Mac operating system is running a program, no CPU, and connected to the Internet, we take as our own server. If the phone is an extension of the server in the operator, because the responsibility of the operator who should do the cleanup," he explained.

For the Linux operating system will not be exposed to the threat from this DNSChanger. "Linux is not affected, relatively safe, but are not directly affected by the Linux OS, because if malware is then to find the host and the host was exposed to or infected, then the host will not be able to contact (access)," he said.

A number of computers will receive the impact of the closure of the server that performed the FBI, not to mention computers in Indonesia. "The FBI does not have a choice, (predicted no) 300 000 computers worldwide are infected, about 50 thousands in Indonesia," he said.