10-7-1940: Battle of Britain Game Begins

In the 72 years ago, Nazi Germany began air strikes to England. Known as the Battle of Britain, Nazi military campaign that lasted more than three months that ultimately failed after the British gave fierce resistance.

According to The History Channel, Battle of Britain is one of the big fight in World War II. At that time, after successfully mastering the western and central continental Europe, Adolf Hitler ordered Nazi Germany attacking England.

This is a military campaign that is not easy, given the UK apart from the European mainland by the Strait of English Channel. That's why the Nazis must first deploy fighter planes and bombers to bombard the British military positions before sending troops across the strait.

On July 10, 1940, 120 German fighters and bombers moved to England. They destroyed the first target was a convoy of British ships in the English Channel.

Germany then mobilized 70 additional bombers for attacking British ships base in South Wales. They continue to expand the aircraft fleet to bomb British cities. Even bombs from German aircraft exploded in the courtyard there is a Buckingham Palace London, which is the residence of King George VI and family. But King and his family were not injured.

Despite losing the number of aircraft of Germany - which is 600 units versus 1300 - England has some advantages, have an effective radar system that can anticipate the German air raids. England also had fighter planes more quality, one Spitfire, so as to shoot down many of the mainstay of the German fighter planes, ME109.

Aircraft without adequate skills and strategies along with the bad intelligence, Hitler failed to master English. Battle of Britain ended on October 31, 1940 and sent off Nazi ships and ground troops to England. It was the first failure of the Nazi military campaign in the Second World War and continued in the following series defeat to give in May 1945.