Stealth Facebook Change Users Email Address

CALIFORNIA - Facebook has launched a new feature to change their email address listed with the other alternatives '@'. New innovations that change the email address posted on their profile, the user has changed massively and without notice.

Reporting from the Guardian on Tuesday (6/26/2012), email changes with effect from Monday, the Facebook of a sudden change of details to associate the user account using an email address ending in '@'. While the old email is hidden, the new contact details are automatically displayed in the timeline of users when they access the profile.

Unfortunately, Facebook has made a change without any notice to the user, or explanation of how to alter their return email address. Meanwhile, Facebook said the recent changes Dihadirkannya to make users stick with the site.

"We have updated the address on Facebook to make them (users) are consistent on our site. Sein everyone to get an address (email), we also launched a new arrangement that gives people the option to specify the address that they want to show on the timeline, "wrote Facebook in an email to Reuters.