NASA to Create Online Game Make Personal Satellite

CALIFORNIA - National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) announced a new website, which allows users to design and build a privately owned satellite. Using a set of components in the game, the game was intended for students and adults.

Reported by Softpedia on Tuesday (6/26/2012), in the game, users will be offered with a choice of topics of interest. Among other topics concerning black holes, star formation and the early universe, extrasolar planets and galaxies. After choosing a topic, users will get new options.

In addition, users can also choose between three levels of complexity for the selected project. However, it is said some combination of instruments can not run properly. For example, users can not have two segmenteasi and only has a single primary mirror on the same spacecraft.

The game was titled, "Build It Yourself: Satellite". Game was produced by experts from the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC) in Greenbelt, Maryland. Users are advised to start the game from the first level, if the user has never followed the instrument selection process telescope.

"It's fun to play and the user will learn something about the satellite and optical instrumentation. Then allow them to how to make scientific discoveries, as well as the (complete) a wide range of existing astronomy mission," said NASA GSFC Webmaster, Maggie Masetti.

Maggie said, the game requires FLASH 9 or higher on the computer. "It can be opened in the (screen) separate windows or tabs, and takes a few seconds to do the loading on all components of the graphics," he concluded.