Found, Treasures of Ancient Coins US$ 15 Million

In the past 30 years, a farmer found a silver coin from the Iron Age when it was turning the land on the island of Jersey, Normandy.

Reg Mead and Richard Miles only two amateurs with metal detectors. They have been looking in the same area for several decades. But their perseverance yielded coins of silver and gold.

They dig up the biggest pile of Celtic coins ever found. Block of clay that contains 30,000 to 50,000 in silver and gold coins from the first century AD. These coins were buried to prevent the Romans got it at the time of the invasion of Julius Caesar in England from Armorica.

These coins had been buried more than 2,000 years. These treasures need to dig as deep as 3 feet at the farmer's field in Jersey.

When Julius Caesar attacks draws near, the treasure was buried by the Celts named Coriosolitae. They hope to dig it back after the peace.

According to numismatic experts, each coin worth 100 to 200 pounds sterling, or about 150,000 to Rp300.000. According to Gizmodo, the total estimated value of the findings of this latest treasure trove of about U.S. $ 15 million.

The man who found the coin is the 70-year-old Mead and 40-year-old Miles. They suspect there's a treasure in this area since three decades ago. They heard rumors farmers find silver coins in the soil.After several unsuccessful attempts to comb the area, they found 120 coins in February.

"Richard found the first one and it was amazing. When you see him raise his hand to his head and said, 'Can one'," said Mead, who lives with her grandfather in St Clement, Jersey.

Couple this treasure hunters using metal detectors to search for more treasure in the field. They were lucky last week.

"The machine gives a very strong signal. We immediately contacted a professional archaeologist. They started digging and we do not believe the number of coins that are here," Mead said as quoted by the Daily Mail.

Neil Mahrer of Jersey Heritage Museum who helped the excavation of the money it says, "These findings beam largest Celtic coins ever found, very interesting."

The previous record occurred in 1935 in La Marquanderie in Jersey. First 11 000 coins have been found.