Could discovery of Alien Rocked Confidence?

CALIFORNIA - The discovery of extraterrestrial life may be unsettling to our humanity in the universe. But according to experts, this will not threaten one's faith.

According to the researchers, the belief in religion remains strong despite the advancement of science has proved that the Earth not the center of the universe. Because of this, the trust may not be shaken by the detection of alien.

"I think there is a reason that at first we thought this would cause problems. My hunch, that will happen will not be as bad as our imagination," said Director of Interstellar Message Composition at the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI) Institute, Doug Vakoch as reported Live Science , Thursday (06/28/2012).

Gospel, the Koran and other scriptures of the world's major stresses that God has a special interest in living things on Earth. Accordingly, the discovery of an alien (in the form of microbes on Mars or the signals from civilizations beyond the solar system) makes it look scary in the presence of humans and the Earth is no longer so special.

Not Alone in the Solar System

 Lately, more and more alien planets found. This is further remind people that they are not the center of the solar system. Scientists have detected more than 700 planets outside our solar system and the thousands more waiting to be confirmed and observed.

Some of these exoplanets are small and rocky, like Earth. Plenet-planet orbits are also some located at the right distance from the main star or in the habitable zone. The accuracy of the distance that allows the presence of liquid water.

In addition, in the early twentieth century, many people who call the canal on Mars as strong evidence of intelligent civilizations in the Red Planet. in the range of the 1990s were scientists announced the discovery of something that is thought to be microscopic fossils (microfossil) in meteorites from Mars.

Further to say, the news that humans are not the only inhabitants of the universe does not seem to be present as a big shock. Because a large number of people in the United States (U.S.) and other countries have been convinced there are aliens out there.

"If you ask most people about the existence of aliens, they usually say yes. This is the general opinion. At least I did a recent survey shows most Americans believe in the existence of aliens.