Casillas: All the goalkeeper, Buffon Wannabe

KIEV - As with any in the first meeting Spain vs Italia in the inaugural game the Group C, portero Iker Casillas peal puja-Praise be told Gianluigi Buffon. Likewise ahead of the finals, the next Monday morning. Admiration for Buffon Casillas seemingly everlasting.

Even the goalkeeper who also holds Spanish Capitan's daring to speak on behalf of the guardian of the rule that most of the work in the professional world that Buffon is universally admired idol keeper. Buffon is a model that makes a lot of goalkeepers to reach the level it seems

"Buffon got a great admiration and respect from me," said Casillas told Onda Madrid, Saturday (30/06/2012).

"He's a special keeper and at the age of 34, he's still among the best. For the younger goalkeepers, Buffon has always been a reference. He motivates us and we want to be like him. I also have a good relationship and always fun every time we met, "added goalkeeper Iker Sant's epithet.

Ends up in 'line of start'
Top of the party to the issue of Euro-14 times will bring together the champions of the opposite which became the foundation for their first round Group - Italy. Matador team destined to finish this tournament against a team that became their first enemy, coming early Monday in Kiev.

The first meeting both are interminable 1-1, even Gli Azzurri of time to shuffle to could qualify for the quarterfinals. Originally, Germany predicted to be most mnemani La Furia Roja in the final. But dewi fortuna determine the another. Der Panzer must Melting in round four large from Italia.

"Ultimately, we again face the team that our opponents in the opening match of the tournament. For us, whoever the opponent in the finals did not matter because the Germans like Italy, look good with their own style, "added Casillas.

"Italy is a very dangerous rival and will be a lot of trouble we would be," concluded the pillars of Real Madrid.