2108 Heritage So Ready National Asset

Legian - A total of 2108 local cultural heritage of the 33 provinces in Indonesia is ready to be registered as national cultural assets. "> Legian - A total of 2108 local cultural heritage of the 33 Provinces in Indonesia is ready to be registered as national cultural assets. Activity is claimed to be Able to drive economic growth in the creative and brand image of the National tourist destination.

Head of Tourism and Creative Economy Development Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy (Kemenparekraf) I Gde Pitana said it has drawn up guidelines to assist local governments register of cultural heritage of each region. He conveyed the assets of genetic resources, traditional knowledge and traditional cultural expressions (SDGPTEBT) claimed to be able to drive economic growth and brand image
creative national tourist destination. In turn, it is also expected to encourage the national economy.

"Example, angklung musical heritage. Economic value would increase if packaged in various forms, such as souvenirs, music CDs, ornaments on clothes, and so forth, "he told reporters on the sidelines of the International Symposium SDGPTEBT in Legian, Bali, on Tuesday (06/26/2012).

Realizing that potential, he added, Kemenparekraf in cooperation with the Ministry of Education and Culture (Kemendikbud) has developed a national list of cultural heritage is not visible. He reveals, for synergizing the data from the ministry or other government agencies, the establishment of a database at the National level to be conducted."The establishment of the National database will lead to a common goal to form a binding legal instrument for intellectual property rights in traditional knowledge and expressions of national culture," he explained.

Gde added that all parties need to understand that there is an economic value on traditional knowledge and cultural expressions of the National, which does not necessarily give the right for anyone to exploit. Instead, he asserted, all parties need to be aware of the limitations to commercialize.

Even so, Gde mention, this is done to protect assets owned SDGPTEBT Indonesia. Gde regard, the establishment of national database SDGPTEBT nowadays is a prerequisite for completing a defensive protection of cultural assets protection processes ongoing at the international level.

"In the records of the Central Statistics Agency (BPS), while Indonesia has a rate of at least 1128. We can say Indonesia's richest nations cultural resources. Similarly, bio-diversity wealth of Indonesia is the third largest after Brazil and Zaire, "added Gde.

Meanwhile, Director General (DG) Law and International Treaties Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) Linggawaty Judge points out, it will hold a meeting of like-minded countries (Like Minded Countries Meeting / LMCM) III, which runs from June 27 to 29, 2012, at Legian , Bali. This activity is expected to open awareness and commitment of all stakeholders, including raising public awareness through the sharing of experience in protecting, conserving, preserving, and promoting SDGPTEBT.

"Prior to LMCM, organized first international symposium.Hopefully, at the end of the symposium, some of the recommendations of the National database creation is expected to be generated, "he said.

Activities of this international symposium itself was attended by some parties of the relevant government ministries and agencies, academics and stakeholders from the private sector. In addition, a number of national and foreign experts, including from the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), South Centre, and India explained the importance of databases in protection SDGPTEBT.