Okezone.com : Naturalization Decree 6 Players Already Down

JAKARTA - The development of the naturalization project started six players reach the end point. After a long process, relevant Presidential Decree finally naturalized players had been signed by the President.

The six players, among other things, four players from Dutch descent, Tonnie Cusell, Stefano Lilipaly, Johny Rudolf van Beukering and Sergio van Dijk and two players from Nigeria who played the ISL, Greg Nwokolo (Liverpool) and Victor Chuckwuekezie Igbonefo (View events).

"For the players who will be naturalized it Keppresnya been dropped from the President and could be sworn in," said Head of Sub Directorate constitutional naturalization Naturalization Directorate General of General Legal Administration Kemenkum Human Rights, told Okezone Nurhikmat Hamzah, Thursday (08/09/2011).

"As of what date the decree, I forgot, clear of naturalized players that was to be sworn. However, I still do not know when they will be sworn in, "he said.

Previously, consideration citizenship application letter from President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono has conveyed to the House of Representatives. The request letter dated July 5, 2011. Once approved by Parliament, the letter then is returned to the Secretariat of State to be signed by the President in a presidential decree.

These players through the naturalization process in accordance with Article 20 of Act 12 of 2006, which essentially states granting citizenship can be done to those who are judged meritorious or for the benefit of the country.

The plan, Former Deputy Minister of National Team Technical Faith Arif Friday (09/09/2011) will hold a press conference that reportedly related to the development of the six players the naturalization process.

"The plan on FX," Faith said in a brief message without specifying the contents of the press conference tomorrow.