okezone.com : Tips Staying Safe in Hotels

IF you want to travel and stay, the hotel security would be a terbesit in mind.

Not rule out the possibility, there will be people who break through the room by force, fires, earthquakes, or terrorist attacks. However, it should not make you paranoid.

Here are preventive measures you can take to protect from possible danger, as quoted from Independenttraveler.

Before settling in the hotel

Long before you make a reservation, make sure some things. Like finding out a careful security conditions of the country or city you are visiting.

In addition to finding out about the security of the area, make sure the security is also a place where you will stay. Find out if there are security guards, and whether there are surveillance cameras on site.

Make sure your mobile phone to function during the trip. If you want to find out clues overseas mobile phone usage in the country, whither. Do not forget to save a phone number that leads directly to the hotel reception, or the local police station.

When check in

Get a copy of your passport and credit card / ATM. One of them, leave a friend or family member. This is their ease in case of a disaster or terrorist attack to keep track of your existence.

Bring copies of them during your trip. Be sure to keep it separate from the original.

Never accept offers of rooms in the basement. Many security experts recommend to choose between the floor of three rooms and six floors, where the room is high enough to be subjected to forced breakthrough.

However, do not choose the floor too high because it will be difficult to reach the fire escape.

Upon arrival in the hotel room, immediately find the location as a route of escape in case of fire. Look for stairs or emergency exits. Make sure also whether the bedroom door, windows and balcony doors can be locked properly.

When in the room

Lock the door even when you are indoors. Put your room key in a place that is easy to reach. Put the same pair of shoes near your bed. This is a precaution in case you must leave the room immediately.

If there are people who visit you at the time of the unexpected, and claiming to be hotel staff, try to contact the front desk in advance to be sure. Never open the door of the hotel room until you are sure who's knocking on the door. Use the peephole in the door.