okezone.com : Site of Harvard University "infiltrated" Investigators Assad

UNITED STATES - The site belongs to Harvard University was attacked by hackers. Attacks blamed on those who support Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. Hackers change the look of the site with a picture of Assad with a message reading "Virtual Worlds Syrian Army Is Here".

Other messages written threats of terror against the United States and criticized American support given to rebel against Assad. Harvard University suspect this is an act of "sophisticated individuals or groups".

"The site university has been compromised. We took several hours to restore it. This attack seems to be the work of individuals or groups who are sophisticated," said a spokesman for Harvard.

Site hacked at Harvard on Monday morning local time by the party alleged sympathizers of President Assad for displaying images in a military uniform appeared in front of the flag of Syria. On the site, the hacker wrote, "This site has been breached by spreading the message even if illegal." Similarly, as quoted by the BBC, Tuesday (09/27/2011).

The spokesman added that there has been growth in terms of attacks in cyberspace. "The last few months is an increase in frequency and sophistication of attacks, in which groups of hackers are targeting the more offensive and news media websites, government and educational institutions," said a spokesman for Harvard.

"We will analyze this incident and use findings to improve security practices amid a growing threat," he concluded.