Okezone.com : Persipura Optimistic Defeat Arbil FC

JAYAPURA - View events are not afraid of Arbil SC. Boaz et al Solossa can beat the club is optimistic that Iraq, in a match that took place at the Stadium Mandala, 13 September.
This game was very important to Team Black Pearl. To that end, Roma would have to work hard to get full points in the game, considering the players Arbil SC berpostur high body.

Striker View events, Boaz Solossa when the confirmation admitted his team in the game will be able to offset the opponent, and can give good results for Papuans.

"The game Tuesday was a very important game for us Roma. And we are confident in the match, we were able to secure the cage fight, whatever happens we should be able to achieve maximum results, "said Boaz told reporters in Jayapura.

According to him, first leg match Arbil SC is facing a historic match for Roma, because if it managed to win the match then the opportunity to qualify for the next round of increasingly open.

To that end, said players from Sorong, West Papua will be putting out all his best. In line with Boaz, Richardo Salampessy confirmed in different places also admitted to not worry about your posture Arbil SC players who mostly have a high posture.

According to the man from the Moluccas, has a high body posture is not a guarantee for Arbil to win the game. "Playing in the field that was the real evidence. Not just in the AFC, but in the LSI is also a lot of players the opposing team who have a high posture. But the proof of our team can still compete, "said Richardo.

Although later Hamka Hamza can not play the game 13 September next, Richardo recognized, no big deal. Because Roma are not only dependent on one or two players.

Meanwhile, coach Jacksen F Tiago revealed today his team more focused on preparation and practice to continue to hone the skills of the players.

"All the players are in top condition, just how to keep the players did not experience over-training, so that on the day the players will be fresh and remove all his ability," said Jacksen.