okezone.com : He was 8 this Ivy League Campus

JAKARTA - You aspire to get the best international universities? For those of you who have goals like that, surely you will take into account the campuses belonging to the Ivy League in America.

Ivy League is an association of eight universities in the east coast of America, the group is well-known private university with keelitan kesempuranaan and academic. Because known like that, then the eighth member of the group is very selective in the acceptance of students.

Curious campuses everywhere joined in the Ivy League? The following list, which is quoted on Okezone Friday (30/09/2011):

1. Brown University
Brown campus is located in Providence, Rhode Island. Famous by the name of athletic teams are called The Bears. by 6316 the number of admissions, campus with the motto Deo In Speramus (In God We Hope) tesebut tekenal also known by its liberal arts.

2. Columbia University
Columbia is located in New York City, New York. Campus with the motto In lumine Tuo videbimus lumens (On the light we could see the light) this year received at least 7160 new students, a campus known for its performing arts have a popular athletic teams as The Lions.

3. Cornell University
Cornell is the only one of the Ivy Leageu which has half the private university system. In addition, Cornell is also the only Ivy League university from the stands after the American colonial era. With a motto I would found an institution where any person can find instruction in any study, Cornell managed to capture 13,931 new students this year. Terketak campus in Ithaca, New York had a distinguished athletic teams, namely the Big Red.

4. Dartmouth College
Campus with a motto Vox clamantis in deserto (The sound of a cry in the wilderness) is located in Hanover, New Hampshire, with an athletic team of The Big Green, Dartmouth accept 4248 new students this year.

5. Harvard University
As a second best university in the entire world, campus tesebut only accept 6655 students from around the world this year. Famous university with the Department of Justice and the Liberal Arts, the campus with the motto Veritas (Truth) is also having a very athletic team calculated that the Crimson. Campus is located in Cambridge, Massachusetts also has an online media is very active with the name of The Harvard Crimson.

6. Princeton University
Terketak campus in New Jersey is known as an expensive private college. Nevertheless, the university with the motto Dei sub numine viget (Under the power of God He thrives), can still capture the 5113 students this year. Pronceton also has an athletic club known as The Tigers

7. University of Pennsylvania
Located in Philadelphia, the campus with athletic teams are called the Quakers are to receive new students sebanya 10,337 people this year. With the motto Leges sine moribus vanae (Laws without morals are useless), the campus is also often referred to as Penn.

8. Yale University
With athletic teams named the Bulldogs, Yale is a rival Harvard University. Yale is located in New Haven, Connecticut with a number of new admissions only as many as 5275 people this year. The campus motto Lux et Veritas (light and truth) that makes Yale the best college in the liberal arts.