Okezone.com : Hattrick Messi, Barca Destroy Osasuna

BARCELONA - Barcelona as the opponent is not balanced for Osasuna. Evidently, Lionel Messi et al succeeded in destroying the visitors with the score 8-0.
With this victory, Pep Guardiola's squad is ranked second with a score of seven points from three matches. However, that position could change if Real Madrid to beat Levante, later evening hrs.
In a match that took place at Camp Nou on Sunday (9/18/2011) early morning local time, Pep Guardiola's decision to play Cesc Fabregas is arguably appropriate. Section, which replaces the role Fabregas Andres Iniesta, appear quite bright.
Barca's defense against attacks had experienced problems Osasuna in the first minute. Eric Abidal failed to block the ball from Damia. Luckily, the chances of Martinez is still far from the target goalkeeper Victor Valdes.
Since then, Barca by aggressively pressing defense Osasuna. Messi is the first goalscorer home team. Utilizing feedback Dani Alves, with Argentine striker calmly goalkeeper Fernandez. Barca winning 1-0.
Goals that further adds to the spirit of home team players. Evidently, in the 13th minute, Fabregas's turn to contribute to the goal for Barca. Fabregas volley is dammed by Fernandez. Score changed to 2-0.
The match lasted just 34 minutes, but such resistance was over Osasuna. Because the attacker turns the thrilling Villa goalkeeper David Fernandez. Villa continued feedback Abidal. Score 3-0 to Barca.
The goal was not to make Barca satisfied. The result, La Liga champions scored the fourth goal in this match. Horizontal kick on Villa defender Ossasuna Roversio, which was turned into the goalkeeper Fernandez. Barca lead 4-0.
Messi was the star in this game. At minute 41, the tiny star scored the second goal against Ossasuna. Receive feed cooked Fabregas, Messi calmly tore goalkeeper Fernandez. The first round score to 5-0.
Winning 5-0 from the first round, making Guardiola Carles Puyol to rest for the next game. Barca captain position was replaced by a Brazilian player Maxwell at minute 55.
The dominance of the home team more visible in the second half. Messi scored the third goal in this match. This time, Xavi Hernandez contributed a goal after Messi mature use of bait. Score changed to 6-0.
Actually, Osasuna had to miss out through substitute Ibrahima. Unfortunately, Ibrahima goal disallowed on 67 minutes the referee, who thought he had been in an offside position. Finally, Villa and Messi Barca ensure a 8-0 victory.
 Barcelona: Valdes, Mascherano, Puyol (Maxwell 55), Abidal (Adriano 45), Alves, Busquets, Fabregas, Thiago, Xavi (Affelay 62), Villa, Messi.
Osasuna: Fernandez, Gonzalez, Roversio, Raitala (Alvaro 45), Bertran, Garcia (Ibrahima 62), Puñal (Copovi 77), Lolo, Lamah, Damia, Martinez.