okezone.com : First Human Footprints in America Discovered

MEXICO CITY - Scientists in Mexico have discovered footprints of early man aged approximately 4500 to 25 thousand years.

As quoted from the AAP, Tuesday (09/27/2011), ancient human footprints from the estimated age of between 4500 to 25 thousand years. Scientists say that the location of the discovery took place in rural northern Mexico

"Fifth footprints found it was one interesting thing from the history of early human inhabitants of the Americas," said the Institute of Anthropology and History, said in a statement.

Parties institute also added that the footprints were found in the mountainous inland regions Sieraa de Tarahumara, in the state of Chihuahua, Mexico.

"Diiperkirakan if footprints were from three adults and one child aged about four years. It is estimated also that the human groups that lived in caves Ahuatos, approximately 8 kilometers from the town of Creel," said the Institute of Anthropology and History.

The finding itself was first discovered by local residents, who then notify the researcher.

"It takes hard work to find it, because it is not easy to investigate," said Jose Concepcion Jimenez, an anthropologist involved in the project.

Parties Institute of Anthropology and History also says that although there are no other traces were found, the scientists also found a collection of ancient settlements that allegedly came from the Pleistocene era (1.8 million to 10 thousand years ago).