okezone.com : Fatigue Players Threaten Milan

MILAN - AC Milan threatened can not perform optimally when melakoni big match in the international counter-Juventus Serie A this weekend. Coach Massimiliano Allegri said, his team is threatened with exhaustion against Juve.

Milan's 2-0 win over Viktoria Plzen in the Champions League group stage on Thursday (29/9/2011) early this morning, was welcomed Allegri. However, with the number of retainer Il Diavolo which is still injury, a former architect of Cagliari is also worried about his team against Juve fatigue.

For that, he also hoped a number of key players are injured could recover soon, so that he can apply the rotation in order to maintain the fitness of the players.

"When you win, then it will help you, even to recover physically. Even so, we always play with the same players for a month. And tonight, I saw the team began to fatigue in the recent fight (against Plzen), "said Allegri cited Football-Italy, on Thursday (09/29/2011).

"If Robinho and Alexandre Pato recovered and ready to play against Juventus, it means I have more options, or at least to rest some players," he continued.

Milan will come to the headquarters Juve Juventus Arena on Monday (3/10/2011) early morning hrs. If able to win in this match, Milan's position certain to be rocketed into the top standings. Currently, the Milan who collected five points, three points adrift of Juventus.

"Game Sunday (against Juve) will certainly be difficult, although it is too early to tell. In later matches, Juve have a great advantage, because only play once a week. While we, will certainly feel the after effects of this strain, "said Allegri as he declared Milan played almost every three days.