Okezone.com : Blunders, Abbiati Apologizes

MILAN - his blunders make all Milanisti, both at the San Siro, or who watched through a glass screen, pause. For the incident, Christian Abbiati apology for the Milanisti and also the team.

Starting from a cross, the ball should be able to be secured portiere veterans, regardless of the catch. Instantly, Antonio Di Natale a short distance away the skin round fired directly into the nest.

Luckily, young pillar Rossoneri, Stephan El Sharaawy successful save Milan from defeat to Udinese, early this morning.

"Gol Udinese came from my mistakes, I apologize to the team. I also had to apologize to the fans after the game, "Abbiati regret, as reported by Goal, Thursday (22/09/2011).

In addition to apologizing, Abbiati also commented on how great his colleagues for being able to fight back fiercely against one tough team in the league.

"In the second half, scored the team balancer and we almost won. At times like this, there is an unwanted moment, but we played great against a team, which in my opinion, one of the most formidable in the league, "added the former Atletico Madrid goalkeeper.

The results of this draw, making Il Diavolo stumbled into position 14, the notch two points, the results of two draws and one defeat.