okezone.com : Barcelona Not Against BATE

Minsk - Barcelona seems to be too superior to BATE Borisov. Entertaining Catalan giants at home in Champions League Matchday second Thursday (09/29/2011), BATE have to accept the bitter pill slaughtered 5-0 through an own goal Aliaksandr Volodko, flick Pedro, two goals from Lionel Messi, David Villa and kicking.

As usual, Barcelona played with great collectivity and master control of the ball. to be able to offset the aggressiveness of the players of Barcelona, ​​the retainer BATE Borisov meladeninya to play defense and counterattack to threaten mendalkan Barca.

Barcelona got a 12th minute chance from a free kick, for a foul on Lionel Messi. Unfortunately, the execution results of Dani Alves ball was wide to the left side is guarded BATE goalkeeper Aleksandr Gutor.

BATE stunned their supporters in the 18th minute. Bait Lionel Messi, Dani Alves to hit the defender instead of Bate, namely Volodko. The collision the ball instead drove to the goal itself can be driven without goalkeeper and make Barca winning 1-0.

The goal seemed to break down mentally Viktor Goncharenko the farm team. BATE defense that was solid at the beginning of the game seemed to be the butt of Los Azulgrana.

Three minutes later Barca attack fruitless. David Villa managed to feed the stomach is converted into a goal through a header by Pedro. As a result Blaugrana advantage grew to 2-0.

BATE nightmare if not stopped. At minute 37, the ball is already in the hands of goalkeeper Gutor regardless. It was put to good use by Messi free-standing and heading the ball into the goal. Barca were winning 3-0 and this score last until halftime.

Entering the second round, BATE to play more disciplined with the occasional pressing defense team who cared for by Pep Guardiola. Meanwhile the Catalan giants did not change the style of play, and still plays a tiki-taka and master the game.

Efforts to curb attacks BATE kolektiv Blaugrana fail in minute 55. Messi, who was in the penalty box to be successful using bait Alves to Barcelona's fourth goal, through hard kick despite being in a position maintained some BATE defender.

The home team was not without resistance. Occasionally this team from Belarus to launch attacks. Opportunities open Skavysh obtained in 66 minutes but he failed to take advantage of sweet feed Aleksiyan into a goal because he could not reach the ball in front of goal Barcelona.

Toward the final minutes, precisely in the 90th minute Barcelona again added a goal. This time David Villa complement the appearance of a superior team with a goal using bait Maxwell. Results 5-0 even survive until the fight was over and Barcelona back to Spain with three full points.

This victory led Barca lead the standings of Group H with four points achievement. Barca on goal difference from AC Milan at the same time a 2-0 win over Viktoria Plzen.

Probable teams:

BATE Borisov: - A. Gutor, E. Filipenko, M. Bordachev, M. Simic, D. Baga, Renan (Kurlovich/82 '), A. Volodko, F. Rudik (F. Aleksiyan / 60 '), E. Olekhnovich, M. To? Man (M. Skavysh / 56 '), A. Kontsevoy.

Barcelona: - Valdés, Puyol, E. Abidal (Adriano/61 '), Dani Alves, J. Mascherano, Xavi (Fabregas/59), S. Keita, Thiago Alcantara, L. Messi, Villa, Pedro (Maxwell/69 ').