okezone.com : 5 Elements of Yahoo's New Strategy

CALIFORNIA - After the dismissal of the CEO and the formation of a new leadership council, Yahoo is now starting to implement a new strategy to become 'digital media company.

As quoted by Mashable, Thursday (09/29/2011), when doing a presentation at the headquarters in San Francisco Flickr, Yahoo's vice president, Steve Douty, said that Yahoo has changed the focus of their business, by creating a new strategy.

"That's all we do to build a personal digital experience better," Douty said in a statement.

Douty explained Yahoo's new strategy consists of five elements, namely:

- En: To connect and give enlightenment to the user
- Be: Being the destination by consumers
- Si: To deliver personal meaning through the data and research
- So: To have an actual social relationships on the internet
- Ec: To build a good ecosystem

Apart from the decline that much happens to them lately, Yahoo still has a big asset, namely their traffic, especially for the mobile world. Douty said that Yahoo still has 137 million visitors through mobile devices.

"Yahoo also has 42 thousand 'unique experiences homepage' on the Yahoo.com site every five minutes or so," concluded the vice president of Yahoo.