Juventus.com : Juve New Stadium

The stadium is able to accommodate as many as 41,000 spectators and has been designed based on the maximum safety standards. Accesses in without a barrier, can be passed through four entrances at the corner of the stadium, the stadium will be surrounded by a vast sloping plain, which is projected to be a green area where the building erected. 

The area outside the ring will be a safe place for the examination for admission and places and transportation services intended for emergency alert. Access to the stairs and stands can be passed through the 16 driveways that are scattered in many sectors, referring to the layout that was used for the old stadium. And lastly, in emergencies, the building can be emptied in less than 4 minutes. 

The project is expected to restore the entire bottom layer of soil Delle Alpi, including field zone area. Under the stairs will be constructed area of ​​service provision and also the club's stadium. The needs of the players is a priority for the designers, such as: access-access to the building, locker room, cheerfully breaks, entrance to the field, everything has been planned to include aspects of the smallest detail. 

The top, fitted with a lighting source that is very good and very necessary in its use-specifically tailored to the style of toughness that has always been a hallmark of the club - The stadium is also enhanced, with stairs and steps-steps: everything is arranged into a unique form of semicircle interconnected without any element of the separator. Glacis cover buildings, will be projected on the hallway ventilation (Wind Tunnel), this condition is inspired on the technology applied to aircraft wing: The building will have a good lighting source, which is realized by building a half building a transparent roof and partly with a layer of concentrated, this is done with the aim to create a good angle to the direction of the field, both in daylight conditions and at night, by providing security lighting is insufficient, so that grass can grow in the field. Close to the building is also projected to continue to maintain sound passionate boosters in building the stadium, so it can be felt also by the proponents, or even make him feel closer to the players. 

The area that functioned for the commercial area is an area of ​​34,000 m2, the area will be built gallery of shops, shopping centers and DIY stores. We also provide an area of ​​30,000 m2 which will be used for public parks, flower gardens, plaza and parking for 4000 cars. 

The new Juventus stadium project initiated by the team. Hernando Suarez Architects (Shesa Office) and Gino Zavanella (Gau office) is a development planner; Engineers Francesco and Massimo Majowiecki Ossola, responsible for structural development planning, operational planning and execution of the placement of building structures. The team also directed by the architect Antonio de la Pierre (coordination of planning), by Marco Lazzerini engineer (mechanical construction), by Renzo Zorzi engineer (electrical building), and by architects and Stefano Eloy Suarez (planning the architecture). Project management is also followed by the AI ​​Group of the City of Turin, with its president as a responsible, engineer Paolo Erbetta. A contribution is given by two well-known figure in the architectural style of Italy, who collaborated for the first time to give the feel of a typical Italian life in the architectural project: Design Giugiaro and Pininfarina Extra. Juventus handed to Paolo Fabrizio Giugiaro and Pininfarina to create a form of robust design in the stadium, for excellence menberikan working town community feel of Turin to be known by the whole world, and reflects the nation's best Italian creativity. 

Architect Alberto Rolla (Rolla Office) will handle the commercial area and the placement of the concept of structuring the city. 

Technical Characteristics:
Capacity: 41,000 seats, Parking: 4,000 parking capacity for cars, total construction area: 355,000 m2, the internal field stadium: 45,000 M2, Service Area: 150,000 M2, Commercial Area: 34,000 M2, Land of Green and Square: 30.000 M2

The distance the audience outermost to the field and comparison between the new stadium with Delle Alpi condition at the moment, is: 

The first row Tribuna Ovest: 8.85 meters (28 yards) last line Trivuna Ovest: 49 feet (68.30 meters), the first row Tribuna 100: 8.85 meters (43.50 feet) last row Tribuna 100: 26.50 meters (49.10 meters), the first row Tribuna media: 33.80 meters (57.50 feet) last row Tribuna media: 49 feet (59.10 meters), the first line of Curves: 8.85 meters (50 feet from the point middle curve).