okezone.com : Internet Speed Developing Countries ​​Defeat European

LONDON - UK internet download speed is touted as the fastest in the world, surpassing the average standard, so says a new study.

As quoted from Pocket-Lint, Sunday (25/09/2011), a study conducted by the company's leading digital gaming, Pando Networks, said that on average the average Internet download speeds of 580 Kbps is the world, while the figure average in the UK amounted to 599 Kbps.

Yet the achievement of the UK is still below South Korea, with an average rate of 2.202 Kbps. But the most bizarre, some regions in Eastern Europe even entered in the list of 10 countries with the fastest Internet download speeds in the world.

Romania came in second place under South Korea with an average speed of 1909 Kbps, Bulgaria in third position 1611 kbps, Lithuania came in at number four with 1462 Kbps, Latvia was in fifth position with the numbers 1377 Kbps and Ukraine occupies the eighth position to 1190 Kbps.

For the United States (U.S.) itself is still below the UK with an average speed of 616 Kbps. While the city with the lowest download speed in the world is Algeria with a speed of 56 Kbps.

"In general, developing countries economies beat the speed of downloads in the U.S., Britain, France, China and Canada," said Robert Levitan, CEO of Pando Networks.

Pando Networks' research results are based on 27 million downloads by 20 million computers in 224 countries, ranging from January to June 2011.