Four New Players Join Arsenal Reveals Reason

LONDON - Arsenal get up to four players at once in the final seconds of the summer transfer market on August 31 ended yesterday. Mikel Arteta fourth player (center), Per Mertesacker (rear), Park Chu-young (front) and Yossi Benayoun (Chelsea).

Of course, they have their reasons for the decision was a proposal for the Gunners before the transfer window closes. Arteta for example, that led from the Spanish midfielder Everton with a dowry of £ 10 million is said to want to look for new challenges with the Gunners, especially like the atmosphere of the Champions League has never felt more energy during the six seasons of butterscotch flavor.

"This is a great opportunity for myself and family, and I think this is a good time for me to benefit from it. These join (Arsenal) is a big problem, and different for me because I want my skills in action high level, the Champions League, "said 29-year-old midfielder soccer Buster cited.

At the same time, Per Mertesacker was another reason. Because the party said to arrival, because Arsenal desperately humiliated only Manchester United (2-8) are the great German defender has been strongly denied. Players who come from Werder admits Arsenal received the offer because it is the north London club for a long time afterwards.

"I do not think that my transfer (Arsenal), Wayne Rooney's influence," he said, referring to the performance ciamik Mertesacker Rooney scored a hat-trick in the victory that the United Gunners since 1927, had to endure.

"I think that the defeat of United's no reason I came. I'm sure they beat me because he was interested in me long ago. For me, joining Arsenal as a dream come true," he said, quoted by Emirates 24 / 7.

In accordance with Mertesacker, Yossi Benayoun is also very proud to join Arsenal. Israel midfielder on loan from Chelsea, even admitted that he did not have the patience to work with new colleagues.

"I'm very happy, first because of the involvement of a large club like Arsenal. (Arsenal) are a big club and it's so huge challenge for me. Immediately after the Caps (Israel), I make new friends and want to further my career "he said at Sportal.

Finally, Park Chu Young, South Korea national team striker from Monaco, was also fundamental to disclose to the election of Arsenal, although he was negotiating with another club, while the French, LOSC Lille. Park admitted, inspired by the success of Park Ji-Sung senior and hopes to finish his career at Arsenal.

"I have a decision very carefully. Because I think it (Arsenal) will be my last club in Europe. I do not want to leave any regrets," said Chu Young.