Okezone.com : Shoes 'Back to the Future' Officially Launched

CALIFORNIA - sophisticated shoes worn by Marty McFly in the movie 'Back to the Future II' which takes place in 2015, was officially launched, although the faster four years of time in the movie.

Shoes 'Back to the Future' with the name Nike Air Mag 2011, which was launched four years earlier was available in a limited edition for a charity auction. Similarly, as quoted by i4u, Saturday (10/09/2011).

Parties Nike today announced the launch of Nike Air Mag 2011. About 1,500 pairs of shoes with LED lights will be auctioned on eBay on the 8th to September 18. All net profits from the auction will be given to the foundation of The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research.

Shoes Nike Air Mag 2011 is very similar to yan Nike shoes worn by Marty McFly in the movie Back to the Future II (1985). Unfortunately there is bad news, Nike Air Mag has no fasteners feature a rope / automated bonding (power lace). It is quite unfortunate, when Nike designer, Tinker Hartfield, said that should such features exist.

The only technical feature of being owned by Nike Air Mag 2011 is a lamp that can light flickering (which is not a new thing in the world of shoes).

Nike plans to auction off 150 pairs of Nike Air Mag 2011 every day until September 18. The auction itself has been started from today. Pricing for the Nike Air Mag 2011 was pegged at a price of $ 4 thousand.

Previous parties have bought Nike shoes technology patents 'Back to the Future' in August 2010.