Skin Durian Can Clean Oil Spill?

KUALA LUMPUR - Durian was not just a fruit that is famous for its sharp taste and smell. A prominent academic to claim a sharp durian skin could help clean up oil spills at sea.

It was disclosed Dr S. Kathiresan of AIMST University, as reported by the Straits Times, Tuesday (05/03/2011). According Kathiresan, durian skin is an efficient absorber of oil and can help clean the water of oil.

"The nature of the skin to absorb the durian can be used to clean up oil spills in coastal areas resulting in negative impact, not only against all sea creatures, but also against human economic activity," he explained.

"Skin durian which incidentally is agricultural waste has great commercial potential due to its efficiency in absorbing oil, plus financially effective biodegradation properties,"said Kathiresan.

Dr Kathiresan expose this knowledge gained through a simple experiment using durian skin was washed several times with tap water to clean dirt and remaining fruit flesh. After that, the durian skin milled into powder and modified using several chemicals.

Currently, synthetic fibers, particularly polypropylene and polyurethane, is the material used to clean up oil spills. Unfortunately, this material is quite expensive with the price of USD100 per kilogram.