United Destroy Fortress Schalke

Gelsenkirchen - No gratuitous Manchester United flew deep into Germany. Faced with Schalke 04 in the first leg Champions League semi-final, United's home with a 2-0 victory, after Ryan Giggs and Wayne Rooney will knock sturdy bastion host.

Indeed, not easy for the Red Devils to victory. Because the German national team young goalkeeper, Manuel Neuer Schalke be sturdy fortress. Ball-stopper appear attractive 25-year goal of protecting the crew of Sir Alex Ferguson's invasion. Throughout the match, he could make a courtier United hit by frustration, whereas in the first half United's rich in opportunity and variety of attacks.

Just two minutes of the match in the start, bomber mainstay United, Wayne Rooney could make the rest of the Veltins-Arena stadium was shocking. Luckily, Neuer deftly managed to block the striker's diagonal kick was stocky.

United's effort to lead a course of action does not stop there. Javier 'Chicharito' Hernandez derived as a starter, too, show teeth. However, the ball can still be secured properly by Schalke defender, led by Christoph Metzelder and Joel Matip.

Ferguson had jumped from his chair watching hard kick Park Ji-Sung out of the box 16. But Scotland coach had to return disappointed geeks lantara Neuer again dispelled his hopes. The frequency of the increasing penetration of United was not lethal Schalke idea to build an attack.

Through the scheme behind the attacks, Jefferson Farfan had flicked Schalke hope to write numbers on the scoreboard first. Unfortunately, Farfan kick was wide of the goal mouth Edwin Van der Sar.

See United's stalemate, Fabio da Silva who plays as a defender took the initiative to increase attack. Solo shows of individual skill-run, dribble Fabio alone though overshadowed two Schalke players. In fact, the Brazilian player had a chance to open fire, but the quick response Neuer only make Fabio bowed sluggish.

Tension United player in front of goal has been increasing. Unfortunately, the deadly synergy duo Rooney and Chicharito evaporated when bait Chicharito flat foot caught in the Schalke defender, while Rooney was standing free. From a distance, Ferguson was furious to see it.

United had another chance to score, through Park Ji-Sung utilize Chicaharito kick the ball rebounds. However, the ball is still secured behind the Schalke player. Continuously pressed, not at all lost konsetrasi Neuer. The proof, he managed to secure the ball when dealing with Ryan Giggs alone.

Until halftime, both teams played a goalless draw. In the second half, United's keep playing aggressive. Utilizing a free-kick, Patrice Evra welcomes the ball. Neuer who quickly read the movement of the ball successfully brushed it off. United's goal that awaited finally arrived via Chicharito. But what power, the Mexican players were already in the off-side position first.

Always survive, Schalke trying to get out of pressure. Raul improvise with its action in box 16, either through a header and kick hard. Only a just solution is not perfect.

Emotional moment awaited United came in minute 67. Bait flat Rooney who landed smoothly at the feet of Giggs made Neuer powerless to banish the ball, Giggs because the ball went straight to Neuer foot gap, a 1-0 United lead temporarily.

Not long ago, precisely at 69 minutes, turn the ball into the goal Rooney menceploskan Neuer. Utilizing feedback Chicaharito flat, Rooney did not wait long to direct the ball into the left corner of goalkeeper Neuer to bring the United winning 2-0. Neuer also protested to his comrades because lemahanya coordination between them.

Winning two goals, Schalke were unable to reduce the lag until the referee Carlos Velasco long whistle sounded, marks the end of the match. And Ferguson was relieved with his team gained an away victory. Contrast with face water coming out Ralf Ragnick field covered with disappointment, because of the heavy burden must be carried when visited Old Trafford in the middle of next week's leg of the determination.


Schalke 04: 1-M. Neuer, 21-C. Metzelder, 2-H. Sarpei (3-Sergio'72), 22-A. Uchida, 14-K. Papadopoulos, 11-A. Baumjohann (12-P. Kluge'53), 18-Jurado (31-J.Draxler '83), 32-J. Matip, 7-Raul, 9-Edu, 17-J. Farfan.

MANCHESTER UNITED : 1-E. van der Sar, 5-R. Ferdinand, 15-N. Vidic, 3-P. Evra, 20-Fabio, 16-M. Carrick, 25-L. Valencia, 13-Ji-Sung Park (18-P.Scholes), 11-R. Giggs, 10-W. Rooney (17-Nani'83), 14-J. Hernández (8-Anderson'73)